New CoVid 19 guidelines for retreats

Before you come…

As you consider a retreat at the hermitage during this time of COVID restrictions we ask that you slow down and pay attention to the protocols that you are asked to follow.

We are beginning by welcoming returning retreatants who have been to the Hermitage several times in the past couple of years and have also experienced a retreat without a host present We are only welcoming 2 retreatants at one time beginning  in August.   This allows for social distancing, separate bathrooms, etc.

Please read this section of the website thoroughly, and anything that the booking crew forwards about the new way of being at the Hermitage before you come.   Social distancing, hand washing, wearing masks are all part of our new way of being.   Is there a way to integrate these actions into an everyday spirituality? We invite you to try.

Before you come, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you feeling sick? If so, please don’t come. There is no consequence for cancelling at last minute.
  • Have you travelled outside of Canada or knowingly been in contact with a COVID positive person in the last 14 days? If so, wait before coming. The Hermitage is not a place for quarantine or self isolation.
  • You may be sharing the space with someone outside of your “bubble” How do you feel about that? How would you like to be treated and how will you treat others?
  • Have you remembered to bring all your own bedding, including sheet, pillowcase and towel?  We are asking our retreatants not to sleep directly on the mattress pad or pillow.   Cabins will have only matches, toilet paper, kleenex, tealights and a battery operated lantern.  There will not be a blanket in each cabin. We are limiting the supplies in each cabin. Do not restock when you leave, except for firewood.     On arrival go directly to your assigned cabin or leave your cabin things, including backpack/suitcase outside while bringing in your foodstuffs.

Other things to note before you come….

  • You will be asked to use the available hand sanitizer before entering the main house. Wash your hands frequently, especially when entering the kitchen and when leaving the house. Paper towels are available and are compostable.
  • You will be assigned a bathroom.
  • You are expected to wear a mask while using the kitchen for meal preparation and clean up. We ask that you bring your own mask. You are responsible to sanitize the kitchen after each use.
  • Please treat the more physical aspects of your retreat as a camping experience, coming with everything you need and packing out everything when you leave . This includes bringing simple meals, your own spices, coffee, tea, etc.
  • Common space in the main house is limited to the main floor and excludes the 2 small rooms, library and the loft. Craft supplies and space in the downstairs area are not available. We’d like you to use your cabin and the outdoors as your retreating space and the kitchen, bathroom and living room as more the necessity space. The decks off the main room are available for use.
  • There will be no community gatherings but please hold the sacred times of 8 am and 5 pm as periods of silence and inactivity in the house. Feel free to ring the bell at 5 pm!
  • Paper towels are available in both bathrooms and the kitchen. These can be composted, along with tissues. Specific containers are available in each area and can be emptied into the green compost bin on the front porch as necessary. Hand wipes are not compostable.
  • All garbage needs to be bagged.
  • Please pack out all your recycling when you leave.
  • Try and use one dish cloth and one dish towel/hand towel per person. Individual retreatants can place these on the towel racks at each end of the kitchen. Pay attention not to use each others.  Feel free to change as needed and place used towels and cloths in the laundry basket downstairs.
  • There is a dishwasher. With only two retreatants present it may be possible to run the dishwasher one time per day. Feel free to turn it on at the end of the day! Dishes do not need to be rinsed but all foodstuffs should be scraped off. If pots and pans don’t fit please wash with hot, soapy water and allow to air dry. Run the dishwasher with the sanitizing cycle. All dishes should be washed in the dishwasher.
  • Please respect the checkin time of 3 pm and checkout by noon.
  • If possible please pay by etransfer at the hermitage email;

PDF version of our CoVid guidelines:  Before you come[9392]

July 2020