The Hermitages


At the heart of the Hermitage are the five individual sleeping shelters, or hermitages, which foster a sense of solitude, simplicity and silence.  They are nestled in the forest away from the main house.  Careful placement and forest barriers allow each hermitage to be in close proximity to others while maintaining a feeling of privacy and solitude.

Inside View of a Completed Hermitage Shelter

Each individual hermitage is furnished with a single bed, a comfortable armchair, a writing desk, and is heated with a small wood stove.  As the shelters have no plumbing or electricity, a water jug, candles and portable toilet are all provided.   The bed has one pillow, but retreatants should bring their own pillow case and warm bedding.


Trail to sleeping shelters


Hermitage among the foxgloves

The trails from the main house to the hermitages are rocky and in some cases a bit hilly. Retreatants need to bring a flashlight so they can navigate this trail at night.