CoVid 19 cleaning protocol

Cleaning is done first and then the area is sanitized.

We are sanitizing between uses and not disinfecting. The difference is in the strength
of the mixed product. There should always be sufficient mixed product to last for each set
of retreatants. There is an already mixed extra bottle on the laundry room counter if more
is needed. Please don’t attempt to mix more.

We are using Savall, a sanitizer which is being mixed in specific proportions, in a labelled
spray bottle which is available in each bathroom and in the kitchen. It is a food-safe, no
rinse mix. This product is harmful to the septic system and should be treated like bleach.

Do not rinse cloths down the drains but place cloths in the available containers on the
counter or in the cleaning cloths bucket in laundry room or outside on the front porch.

How to sanitize:

Begin by cleaning surface areas with soapy water or pink solution (provided). Dry with paper towel.  Next, spray sanitizer on areas to be sanitized until wet but not dripping. Wait 1 minute and wipe off excess liquid using a white cleaning cloth and allow to air dry. Discard the cleaning cloth into the available container. If you accidentally use a paper towel instead of cloth, please discard into garbage and not compost.

What needs to be be sanitized and how often:

Bathrooms: If each retreatant is using a separate bathroom there is no need to sanitize each  day. Please clean and sanitize bathroom prior to departure.

Kitchen: The kitchen should be cleaned each time you use it. The counter should be
sanitized after each use. All other kitchen areas; tea kettle, toaster, stove and fridge etc.
should be sanitized prior to departure.

Touch spots, e.g. Doorknobs, banisters, light switches, thermostats that are being used can be sanitized with a Lysol wipe which must be discarded into the garbage. If more than one retreatant present this should be done once a day. Otherwise sanitize prior to departure.

Cabins don’t need to be sanitized, only cleaned with the pink/vinegar solution available in
each cabin. Used cleaning cloths are placed into the bucket on the front porch. Cabins will
be sanitized and restocked after each retreatant leaves.

Lysol wipes are available but should not be used on surfaces that are also used for food.
Wipes can be used to quickly wipe down door knobs, light switches etc. and left to air dry.
July 2020