Closure Notice: 

Effective immediately, we have decided to close both the Rivendell Hermitage and the Rivendell Retreat Centre. We take these actions in an effort to slow the spread of CO-VID 19 in our province, and out of a deep care for all who are affected… our families, our communities, and those most vulnerable among us.

We will be closed until July 3rd with a caretaker present on site. At this time we are notifying everyone who has a confirmed or waitlisted booking up to July 3rd by phone or email about the cancellation of their bookings. We are not taking future booking requests until further notice.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to the end of this pandemic crisis.  Please take good care of yourselves and each other.   You are invited to join the Rivendell community each day in taking a sacred pause and lighting a candle at 5:00 pm for our world.

Email Address:

The Rivendell Hermitage can only be contacted by email.

How to book a retreat:   

Step 1: 

Please ensure that you are at the right website.  We are the Rivendell Hermitage which is different from the main Rivendell Retreat Centre, located near Snug Cove.

Step 2:

Take time to look through our website.  It will answer a lot of questions you may have about doing a retreat at the Hermitage.

Step 3: 

Send us an email:   Include the information below:

Is this your first retreat at the Hermitage?… If yes, please answer these questions in your email:  Where did you hear about the Hermitage?  What is your experience with silence and solitude?

For your first retreat with us, the booking host has to book you during a time where there is a host in residence.    Let us know your preferred dates, and we will either confirm or give you alternate dates when a host is present.

-If this is not your first retreat at the Hermitage, please specify the dates you are requesting so we can check availability.

Step 4:

After we have confirmed availability, you will be asked to fill in the booking request form.   Once we have processed your request, we will email you a confirmation.

Retreat stays range from 2 days to 6 days.  If you are wanting to stay longer, you will need to submit a letter of intent and provide a reference.  

Interested in helping out?  You can participate by donating time or money.

Rivendell remains self sufficient primarily due to its model of a volunteer community. The Hermitage is likewise accessible thanks to volunteers and financial donations.

Close up_Visioning & Yew

We are always seeking volunteers to help tend the site.  Volunteers gather at the Hermitage every spring and fall to do a deep cleaning of the house and cabins, as well as to tend the garden, clear the paths, remove fallen deadwood and underbrush.  We provide gloves, guidance and a variety of tasks suited to any ability… as well as an opportunity to get to know some fellow hermits!

If you prefer to give of your financial resources, we also welcome financial donations.   Cheques can be made out to the RIVENDELL FOUNDATION and mailed to Box 402 Bowen Island, BC, VON 1GO. Please make a note that it is for the Rivendell Hermitage. All donations are tax deductible and will receive a charitable tax receipt.

If you would like to sign up as a volunteer or make a financial contribution, you can email us at: